Friday, 23 March 2012


When we saw today's forecast earlier this week, we always knew it might be busy. But I don't think we had quite anticipated just how busy. I mean it was twenty one families busy!!! And given that several of those has more than one child we must have had 25 or so kids playing in the stream today. Go Forest Tots! I hope they all had a great time?

As I made my way round the garden today what struck me was the number of really little children quietly getting on with the business of exploring the woodland. Our group often seems to suit the over two year olds best - once they are really steady on their feet and can run and climb and jump this group is outdoor perfection for them. At least that was what I had assumed. Today I realised that even the littler tots can have an amazing time in the garden if the parents are relaxed enough to let them try! As a mother of three little boys I know it can be difficult to let your kids really explore the great outdoors with all their senses - I find myself swinging between worrying about the HUGE washing pile being created and whether my baby should eat mud or not! Not that he gives me much choice in the matter - I either relax and let him experiment with what stones taste like, or strap him kicking and screaming into the buggy!

So seeing these three tots getting so stuck in today really made me smile! So here's to the Forest's Tiniest Forest Tots......

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