Friday, 30 March 2012

Lazy Summer Days

I love the way that each session of Forest Tots is subtley different.  Some weeks are adventure weeks, and we go exploring and looking for blue pigs in the bamboo jungle, some are stream weeks and there are whoops of joy, splashing and excitement from the stream.  Other weeks are about climbing, be it trees or slopes, but this week was much calmer and stiller than we have had in the last few months.  I think much of that was down to the the younger age range of the children, but it was a session where the mums could really sit and enjoy a cup of tea and soak up some of the sunshine.

We didn't have a fire this week, but the log circle was still well used, and the smell of wild garlic was unavoidable, and wonderful!

We brought some water up from the stream for the smaller ones to play in, and apparently it was a bit of a hit!
There was still splashing in the stream with the older ones, but there was a definite feeling of the lazy summer afternoons to come.

We are hoping that people will start to join us for picnic lunches before Forest Tots next term, as we know that it can be a bit of a tricky time for people with naps and lunches to sort out.

Just a reminder that we won't be meeting next week, Good Friday, but we will be back on the 13th.  It will still be school holidays, so there may be some slightly larger small people joining us as well.

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