Sunday, 29 April 2012

It's a drought (didn't you realise?)

It has rained here just about all day so we thought we'd take advantage of a brief break in the deluge to get the kids outside....and see if the FT garden was flooded at the same time.

So this is what we found. If water levels are this high the stream if most definitely too high for Tots to play in - it was just below my knees!

Maybe we need to start planning some dry/non stream activities......just in case!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh my!

When it rains for days on end.....the world turns to mud!

When it rains for days on end......families from all over the Forest decide to go out anyway, because there's only so many jigsaws a toddler can do.

When it rains for days on end......Forest Tots have their busiest week to date!

So let's get muddy!

Twenty one families in splishy spalshy squishy squashy Forest Tots heaven!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Splish Splash Splosh!!

There was no doubt about it - today was officially a wet day! As we set the tarps up before the session we were hopeful that we might, just might get away with it.....but no. The heavens opened and down came the wet stuff.

So seeing as we were all slightly damp anyway......we played parachute games Forest Tots style (you don't have to be mad ....but it helps!).

The 'parachute' was a large sheet of opaque plastic (clear would be better - this piece has been used as a garden cloche for a few years and is no longer see through). Rather than adding a teddy, or a few balls.....we added a bucket of water! The result was hilarious and was completely enjoyed by all.

Some got up close and personal (and wet!), whilst others looked on from afar (apparently it made a fairly amusing spectator sport too!).

Whilst all of this was going on, one of the younger ones took the chance to play in the stream without getting splashed by big three year olds running around!

The 'parachute' took on a second lease of life as a muddy skid mat, and these two little ones discovered that you could 'pour' the puddles!

 More water needed!

When the rain got heavy we found Mums sheltering in ever more ingenious places!

Until the shout of "marshmallows" bought everybody rushing to rewarm round the fire.

Yeap....our wettest (but probably most enjoyed) session yet!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The roundhouse project

Forest Tots are aiming to have a roundhouse built in the Forest Garden to provide a place of shelter for drinking those all important cups of tea (or even to change a wet child into dry clothes!). The build is taking place as a joint project with the Dean Field Studies Centre (our landlords at the forest garden) and Forest tots have been put in charge of the planning and organising, with the DFSC providing the money (because we don't really actually have any!).

There is more info on the website but I thought I'd post this here too. If you know anybody who might be interested, or just want to support Forest Tots in any way you can then please circulate this as widely as you can - we need 15 people to come and help build or else the rpoject just won't happen!!!

Build a Roundhouse

in the Forest of Dean

A ten day hands-on workshop with Tony Wrench

August 19th- 31st 2012

Experience communal building and sustainable construction practices as we build a 5m diameter roundhouse with wood henge, reciprocal frame roof with turf cover and cobwood walls.    

This project is to create an educational space in the woods for Forest Schools. The roundhouse will be used by Forest Tots, and the Dean Field Studies Centre at Parkend, a children’s activity centre.  The project will use tree trunks felled at source, and recycled donated local materials. 

Camp on-site in lovely surroundings in private grounds surrounded by woodland.  Fabulous access by steam railway!

Course fees are set low - you will be doing plenty of physical work!

15 places available.  Concessionary rates are available to the first 4 who volunteer to run the catering (buying & cooking).  The course fee includes camping on site plus use of facilities at the centre: showers, common room, drying room, and kitchen.

Course: £150 including camping

Food: Suggested £6 a day (funds pooled)
Concessionary Caterers fee: £75 (4 places only)

Overnight accommodation is available at the centre for £95 for the duration of the course (must be booked in advance).  Accommodation is also available at the Fountain Inn next to the site.

For enquiries or to book please contact Debbie:

Email: Tel: 01594 562444

Dean Field Studies Centre, Parkend, Lydney, Glos GL15 4JA


Friday, 13 April 2012

April showers.

 April Showers in the woods. Most people had coats this week though!


Who shall we splash next? Your Mum or mine?!


 It's raining leaves!

And this little chap came on over, climbed onto my lap, and insisted I took his I did!