Friday, 9 March 2012


We had a lot of co-operation rattling around the Forest Tots Garden today. After snack time I was the lucky witness to two of our older kids and one of the two year olds all scrambling and sliding on one of the steep banks. And helping each other! And loving it! I think it was an extra special moment as the older two were including a much younger child so readily xxx

We also spent a good bit of time this week round the campfire with marshmallows. I think it may have been the first taste of this campfire treat for some of the little ones. How nice is it to see a group of such small children gathered carefully and sensibly around a fire together like that? The fire had burnt down really low - it was little more than hot ashes, allowing the children to get close without the risk of sparks etc. Such a lot of learning going on, right from experiencing the fire close up to 'cooking' their own snack, sharing space safely and considerately and that sense of community that a campfire always brings. Great stuff!

The 'big' kids are getting more and more adventurous. These lot have just turned three and are now branching out away from the stream and into the rest of the garden on their own. I love how they are taking these little steps in their own time and at their own pace. Just after this shot was taken a curious dog turned up on the other side of the fence and sent them all scarpering for safety! What an adventure!!

We also welcomed into the Forest Garden today three families from about an hour away from here who are considering setting up their own Outdoor Toddler group just over the Welsh border. They came to visit to see what it is that we 'do', how we use the space we have and how much paperwork there is! We wish them every success in getting their venture up and running and will let you all know their contact details once they are operational.


  1. What a fab post, the children all look so happy & capable. It is lovely to see a mix of ages able to bring each other on. We spent Wednesday morning in one of the forest sites we use on a monthly basis (this was this classes first trip) & ideally I would love to go once a week. Kierna

  2. Agreed! This post is inspirational. I'm currently reflecting on a wildlife garden which I use with two of my classes but really don't think it matches the wilds of a more natural greenspace. I'm so pleased your group is flourishing and do keep blogging about it all!

  3. Thanks for popping by ladies! We're really pleased with how the group is developing - this is a really exciting time for us!