Friday, 24 February 2012


I think spring has sprung (at least temporarily), and with the warmth came the hoards - we had six new families - which is why we have very few photos as we haven't gained permissions yet!

Yesterday there were tree surgeons in the Forest Garden, removing an unstable pine tree, and they very kindly left us a massive pile of log rounds and brashings. So a couple of the Forest Tots team went down early to build a log circle round the fire 'pit' and improve our den building site.

Our Den - yes it looks just like a hedge! Next week we'll get some action pictures and it will all make more sense!!

All in all it was a lovely session, which felt balmy warm after the last couple of weeks of frost and snow! (my car temperature thingy informed me it was 16 degrees!!) As always the stream was a massive hit with the new families - there's just no keeping the kids out of it!

Lets hope that the weather stays so warm for next week!

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  1. wonderful! I have tobias down for nursery this next friday but if there's no rain I'll be there the week after!