Friday, 3 February 2012

Below Zero...

With frost lying thick on the ground (even at midday) we laid out our invitations...

The new mud kitchen

New rugged vehicles great for playing with outdoors

Ice to explore

..and, wrapped up really warm, the small people came to play!

The borrowed hammock was a massive success, quickly becoming both a train and a pirate ship.

Exploring the ice blocks was both fascinating and a little bit chilly!!

Slipping and sliding on the frozen marshy bits

Despite (or maybe because of?) the cold we all had a great time. Which is good, it just goes to show what fun you can have when you take a chance, wear the right clothes and then go out to play despite the weather!!'s not that cold - check out this blog for a year round outside playgroup in Alaska where the temperature reaches well below zero! (The temperatures quoted are in Fahrenheit, -13F is -25C Eeeekk!!! now that is COLD).


  1. You're braver than I !! We will be back when we can feel our toes!

  2. Tinder, We've missed you these last couple of weeks!! Looking forward to seeing you soon...are you sure we can't entice you out into the cold, we had great fun yesterday!

    Rach xxx