Monday, 14 May 2012

Women in wellies!!! (and a few Dads too)

Hen, Meg and I gathered in the garden for a pre Tots picnic on Friday and it was simply beautiful. The beech leaves are just out, all soft and pale green. The birds were was just what I needed after a crazy busy week! Then slowly the hoards descended......

Tots is really busy at the moment, we are getting a minimum of twenty families every week, rain or shine! Normally that includes at least three families with more than one child...which is....lots of kids ;-)

The thing that struck me most on Friday as I wondered around chatting and taking photos was not the kids though (although they are easily the most photogenic!) but the parents. We have lots of Mums, a few Dads (I think they are probably of the brave sort to come along and socialise with so many women!) and a handful of grandparents and even a childminder or two! And all of them....every single one....get stuck in to the Forest Tots ethos. You find them in the stream, knee deep. Drawing in the mud with sticks, gratefully receiving another mud pie ("oh yum! Thanks!) climbing up and down the banks, hiding in the bushes.......

So this post goes out to the Mums, Dads, Grand folk and all the other carers who make Forest Tots Rock! Because without them and their enthusiasm, their willingness to get stuck in and to rediscover their own inner child.....none of this could happen!

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